LANDAS GROUP provides the services of maintenance, installation of mobile networks at the customers’ sites.
At present, we offer such services in the area of telecommunications as:
  • Installation of steel structures of different types at height.
  • Installation and disassembling of all types of electrical equipment with further testing, adjustment and centering.
  • Installation and disassembling all types of feeders, cables and another special equipment according to the customer’s requirements technical standards.
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation for installation and tuning of equipment
  • Installation, alignment, adjustment of other data transmission equipment.


As more and more critical data is stored and accessed through the web, consumers demand highly robust and responsive optical fiber connectivity. In such a scenario, network disruptions can cause financial losses and also lead to an irreparable loss of credibility. In order to protect your brand reputation, you need to proactively and periodically assess the health and performance of your optical fiber network. That is why identifying and terminating risks is critical for the reliability and integrity of your network and comprehensive Fiber Cable Maintenance procedures are vital for any telecom operator.
LANDAS GROUP offers a host of Optical Fiber Cable Maintenance services that help you track, identify and troubleshoot challenges so that proactive steps can be taken to eliminating such threats.


We understand that our client’s profitability remains high and productivity levels improve only when their infrastructure continues to deliver at the desired efficiency. In fact, every touch point automatically transforms into an opportunity to make or break the brand’s reputation. That is why the reliability of the cell sites is critical to the financial and strategic reputation of the service provider.
Telesuprecon offers high level of active and passive maintenance services for clients and OEMs. We undertake cell site maintenance activities that help our clients leverage their key infrastructural assets and promise high quality uninterrupted services to their consumers. Through the use of GPS technology for survey, we are able to carry out comprehensive functional testing of the client’s cell sites. We employ proven systems and processes to undertake large-scale cell site maintenance activities.
Our services are seamless and highly cost effective and we engage a team of dedicated maintenance professional who ensure that you receive flexible, responsive and proactive solutions for the maintenance requirements of your cell sites.


In order to support a 24×7 online world, telecom companies need to ensure that their networks are operating at near 100% efficiency and that they experience limited (ideally zero) downtime. In such an environment, they need to invest in highly dependable and responsive network maintenance support services that carry out periodic preventive maintenance and can ensure quick recovery during downtime.
The Telesuprecon Advantages
LANDAS GROUP works closely with both telecom companies as well as OEMs to provide comprehensive telecom network operations and maintenance services. We are currently maintaining several critical and strategic optical networks for a number of international companies in the telecom business. 
Our services include:
  • Tower maintenance
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Cable maintenance
360° Services
LANDAS GROUP can offer comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts where we assume responsibility for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of your network. From staffing to optimization and operations to regular repairs and overhauls, we can deliver services that are critical for your business.

Preventive Maintenance

  • To prevent FAILURE of link involving human factors by actions taken PROACTIVELY towards any locations nothing potential dangers to the links.
  • To constantly patrol the route, notify any potential dangers to the link arising out of natural calamities like erosions due to rains, landslides etc.
  • To keep a tab on the other Network implementation Companies/Utility/Road Construction Companies involving excavations along FOB and Metro routes.
  • To liaise with concerned government authorities and understand their upcoming project works along FOB route.
  • A monthly testing of all Fibers to determine every Fiber Health condition and initiate corrections to be taken therein
  • Deduce Bill of Quantities (BOQ) for Civil/Telecom works involving rectifications by proper analysis
  • Additional precautions as suggested by Client/Operator

Corrective Maintenance

  • Quality Rectifications both civil and telecom maintaining Splice Losses to a Minimum meeting Client Specifications.
  • Executing works with a planned schedule to ensure minimum downtime of links during outages.
  • Ensuring on time own equipments and vehicle maintenance to avoid any disappointments at the time of usage leading to time delays in restorations.
  • Effective communications with Client reporting actual conditions of site during Link Failures and Outages.
  • Update of As built Drawings and Reports Generation as per guidelines of specifications and within stipulated timeframe.
  • Additional precautions as suggested by Client/Operator.