LANDAS GROUP program in new building is geared towards building sophisticated specialized vessels for the offshore services including; Diesel-Electric & Rolls Royce UT Anchor Handling Tugs/ Supply/ Safety vessels, DP2 vessels, Diving Support, Supply Boats, Utility Boats, Work boats and Crew boats. More and above, LANDAS GROUP is also specialized in building Buoy Handling Vessels, Harbor tugs, Firefighting vessels and pilot boats.




LANDAS GROUP is geographically situated in the heart of Baltic See and strategically located nearby Russian Federation.



  • Anchor Handling Tugs/ Supply/ Safety vessels
  • DP2 Diving Support Vessels
  • Supply vessels
  • Utility vessels
  • Work boats
  • Buoy handling vessels
  • Harbor tugs
  • Pilot boats
  • Firefighting boats
  • Rescue boats
  • All kinds of special crafts


We offer a complete range of crew transfer vessels for quick, safe transfer of personnel and equipment from shore to specific locations at sea.
Our vessels are designed with the emphasis on maximizing their seagoing ability and functionality, whilst minimizing the cost of maintenance and repair throughout their service life. Through the years, we have developed our skills within different types of vessels, from mono-hulls, catamarans and trimarans to SWATH vessels. Vessels from LANDAS GROUP are carefully engineered based on CFD calculations and model tests.


We supply vessels for all kinds for demanding jobs at sea. Special purpose vessels from LANDAS GROUP are developed for a variety of uses, such as research, surveying, oil recovery, towing, catering, buoy maintenance or offshore supply.
These vessels are designed and manufactured concentrating on their ability to sail efficiently and safely at sea. An intensive design period with drawings, engineering and model tests is our hallmark.


Our customized vehicle and passenger ferries are second to none and truly taskmasters of the sea, providing reliable service day after day and year after year. Ferries from LANDAS GROUP are durable and high quality, requiring little maintenance or service.
We have worked diligently to stay faithful to our mission and to earn our reputation as a shipyard that focuses on improving passenger experience in regard to interior design, catering facilities, easy loading of vehicles, accommodation, safety etc.


LANDAS GROUP has a long tradition of developing and building fishing ships and boats. It was the mainstay of our business when we started in 1993, and we have developed our skills in this field ever since. Our extensive experience enables us to design and build customized fishing vessels that fully meet the demands of the modern fishing industry. As with all other new builds, we work closely with the customer to determine deck layout, carrying capacity, accommodation and equipment to ensure that our customers always get the right solution.



LANDAS GROUP can repair and convert ships of any type. We offer a wide range of repair services, including the following:
New buildings, retrofitting and afloat repair of offshore pipe-laying, accommodation and power barges
Fabrication and installation of rig modules for semi-submersible oil rigs such as drill floors, upper columns and upper hulls.
Riding crews to carry out voyage repairs and maintenance
Afloat repair, conversion and refurbishment of offshore rigs, pipelay barges, power barges and vessels as well as provision of pipelay installation support services alongside our shipyards and at anchorages within and outside port limits
Services include steel and piping renewal, retrofitting and conversion, blasting and painting, and electrical & mechanical works to offshore vessels and platforms.


  • New building of ship hulls and repair works, steel structures, steel plating and profiles cutting, steel bending, steel plating thickness measurements, tank leak proof testing.


  • Washing, cleaning, sandblasting, painting of all kinds of steel structures, tanks, etc.


  • Surveys, repairs and overhauls of electrical motors, generators and other shipboard electrical devices.


  • Cutting, bending, threading and welding pipes made of all types of materials, repair works on all units including pipelines, boilers and tanks.
  • Repairs of main and auxiliary engines
  • Repair of auxiliary equipment
  • Pumps, heat exchangers, centrifuges, filters, compressors and compressed air cylinders.
  • Machining
  • Valve seat grinding, valve head grinding, cylinder sleeve honing, crankshaft grinding
  • Repairs of screw propeller and propeller shafting
  • Rudders and steering gear repairs
  • Deck equipment repairs
  • Surveys, repair works
  • Hatch covers of all types, rigging, boat davits and lifeboats, gangway ladders, anchor chains and anchors, other shipboard machinery
  • Carpentry works
  • Ship supplies
  • Insulation, life boat lamination, boat repair works
  • Pipe works