To ensure the best possible services we use the most optimal and latest technologies available in a combination with the experience of our competent staff. We help our employees to achieve their professional goals.

We provide services in Resource Preparation and Project Management in fields:

  • Civil constructions;
  • Metal constructions;
  • Shipbuilding;
  • Ship and Rigs repair works – onshore/offshore;
  • Industrial and Ship insulation and ventilation works;
  • Paint and sandblast service;
  • Pipeline systems;
  • Telecommunications maintenance;
  • Oil and Gas Platforms maintenance;
  • Wind Park maintenance;

All of our services meet the highest international standards.

Resource Preparation

Our company is engaged in the training of highly qualified technical specialists who specialize in the integrated management and implementation of various industrial projects in accordance with the requirements of potential customers. In the process of training, we develop training programs in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer, also we conduct testing of specialists, in which representatives of the customer can take part.

Project Management

The company provides offshore/onshore services in the industrial/civil business sectors. We guarantee high quality of work, exceptional attention to each client, flexibility of service. The basis of our activities is the provision of integrated construction services, as well as technical specialists of the necessary qualifications.

Project management includes the following phases:

  • Organization of special training of employees according to the requirements of the customer and specific working conditions.
  • Project personnel management
  • Arranging of periodical testing of employees’ qualification, personnel training aiming to obtain or improve qualifications
  • Project management and coordination.

Our company provides the services of maintenance, installation of mobile networks at the customers’ sites.

At present, we offer such services in the area of telecommunications as:

  • Installation of steel structures of different types at height.
  • Installation and disassembling of all types of electrical equipment with further testing, adjustment and centering.
  • Installation and disassembling all types of feeders, cables and another special equipment according to the customer’s requirements technical standards.
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation for installation and tuning of equipment
  • Installation, alignment, adjustment of other data transmission equipment.

We do not only select personnel, but also, we manage the personnel taking part in the project, we administrate and coordinate the project.

Our company carries out and manages industrial projects in the fields Oil and Gas sector as well as in shipbuilding and ship repair industry, steel structure manufacturing and other industrial sectors worldwide, both offshore and onshore.

The company has a good reputation in the world market of industrial services.

We pay great attention to the continuous improvement of procedures and certification of the quality of the services provided.