LANDAS GROUP provides offshore/onshore services in the industrial/civil business sectors. We guarantee high quality of work, exceptional attention to each client, flexibility of service. The basis of our activities is the provision of integrated construction services, as well as technical specialists of the necessary qualifications.


Project Management

Project Management includes the following phases:
  • Organization of special training of employees according to the requirements of the customer and specific working conditions.
  • Project personnel management
  • Arranging of periodical testing of employees’ qualification, personnel training aiming to obtain or improve qualifications
  • Project management and coordination.


Resource Preparation & Personal Training

Our company is engaged in the training of highly qualified technical specialists who specialize in the integrated management and implementation of various industrial projects in accordance with the requirements of potential customers. In the process of training, we develop training programs in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer, also we conduct testing of specialists, in which representatives of the customer can take part.