The company was founded in 2005. We provide professional shipbuilding /ship repair services & manufacture of metal structures to customers throughout Europe, Russia, Scandinavia & Norway.
In January 2015 JST Landas, expanding its activities, made the company’s rebranding and moved to Landas Group, today it is a group of companies providing services in the field of training and recruiting specialists of various professions and managing all sorts of projects, both in shipbuilding, ship repair, manufacture of metal constructions and in the sphere of civil construction, interior finishing, installation of electric networks.
Since October 2015, Landas Group has started developing a new service: installation of telecommunication antennas, repair and technical maintenance at height. Also, the group has included a company which performs works in cleaning and painting surfaces.
JSC Landas is a well known & reputable company leading the ship building / ship repair & steel works activity with qualified, professional staff, high quality performance & on time service delivery.
We have a manpower more, than 190 highly-skilled employees. We are always focused on customers demands & expectations; thus, our teams are made up of only experienced, honest & reliable workers.
Our cooperation is based on trust, quality and reliability.